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Tom Greene's personal 40 year collection 2020

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Greene's Warehouse 6/23/2020

When the virus hit, we stopped work on listing all reels. 

Below is a taste of what we have to face at some point...!

There are literally thousands of antique reels, lures, and tackle items to photograph and post on this site.  No one has been into this collection in forty years.  There are already 24+ pages of reels from the collection on this site now.  Everything you see below will eventually be posted too. 

If you see something on this page that you need for your collection, email me and if possible I can send iPhone photos, but you will need be ready to tell me what you will pay.  Once it is listed on the site and priced, that is the price.

Posting of individual items for sale will NOT resume until further notice due to the pandemic.  In the meantime, enjoy the treasure hunt below.  Again, If you spot something in the photos you need for your collection, send me an email for discussion.  

Tom Greene  (6/23/2020)

























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Note: these reels are, for the most part, in 'as found' condition. 

Some have been cleaned by previous owners.  The photos speak for themselves. 

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