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Tom Greene

 Phone: (954) 415-2670


How to contact Tom Greene

Private Phone and E-mail Address

To discuss selling Tom Greene antique rods, reels, or lures like those seen on this site, please call Tom

Tom Greens' Number: 1- 954-415-2670

Tom Greene

Lighthouse Point, Florida   33064

I will pay for all shipping and costs to look at any reel we discuss and I wish to buy.  If we decide to do business, you can count on my sending you a cashier's check immediately by UPS and I always do exactly what I say I will do.  My word is our bond.

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Please include your name and a daytime phone number in your E-mail in case I need to call you during the day or in the evening.  I will respond, but sometimes we are very busy with other customers.

Here are some serious reasons  why you might NOT want to sell your tackle to an auction house or at an auction site on the Web.

Tom Greene's personal antique reel collection 2019

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If you have antique reels, Kentucky reels, big game rods and reels, or early fly reels you wish to sell:

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Phone: (954) 415-2670


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