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It seems everyone who fishes has heard of TOM GREENE, and not just here in the Sunshine State. Angler extraordinaire and incomparable story-teller, Greene has worked in the tackle business since age 11. His very first job was at Boca Tackle, across the Intracoastal Waterway from the beach where he fished. After striking out on his own later on, he grew his business (Custom Rod & Reel) and eventually moved it to its present location in Lighthouse Point.

Tom also collects old fishing tackle, something he describes in detail in one of the chapters. He’s considered a walking encyclopedia who has experienced everything from being struck by lightning to landing three 30 pound Snook in a single night—back when the limit was four “limit fish” apiece. Celebrated for his knowledge of all things fishing, Greene literally “learned from the legends,” while making it a point to fish with the best. He’s proficient with all types of tackle, from world class tournament gear to massive rigs used to reel in black marlin—something he’s done on his many travels.

He shares his early experiences in these exciting vignettes—that run the gamut from adventure to instruction. To read them is to savor the past, when fishing and surviving were more closely akin. A long-time resident, who remembers “how it was,” Tom was recently honored by Boca Raton Magazine as one of Florida’s “original crackers.” 

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Tom Greene Biography

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