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Reels For Sale Message

 Updated: 11-2-2019

Dear fellow collector,

As you may have noticed from the list of reels, I am selling some of the reels from my collection.   If you find something in my collection of interest for your collection, please contact me by email at this time.  

A word or two about the prices: these reels were purchased by me over a 30 year period.  Over the years I have culled out the common and any lesser condition reels.  What you see on these pages is the really 'good stuff'.  Yes, some of the prices are up there, but they are for the rare, the ultra rare, the unusual, or special reels that remain in the collection.   I have gone to great lengths to consult with several dealers and other high-grade collectors to price these reels correctly relative to their rarity or condition.  This is not the junk you see on the Internet Auctions...  None of these reels have been 'monkeyed with' or cleaned by me.  The majority of the reels are 'as found' but I would not have bought them unless they were mechanically sound.

The reels in my collection I am pricing are for very rare, unusual, historical, and/or excellent condition reels which rarely if ever come up for sale at public auction. I have chosen to sell my collection on a one-to-one basis and not just throw it on the table for someone I don’t know or care about to buy like it was a garage sale.

Those who collect the rare and most valuable antiques in any category know the best material generally changes hands in private between individuals and not in an impersonal venue like a public auction. When the sale of our collections is left in the hands of a third party, like an on-line auction, value can be lost due to sales mismanagement, luck of the draw, or who happens to be in the audience on any given day.

The best antiques will always be passed along to the next generation by the collector to someone he or she knows.

If you purchase a reel from me, and are not happy with it, then you have a three day inspection period in which to contact me and then return the reel for a full refund.

  • Reels which have been sold are marked:   SOLD

  • Reels awaiting payment are marked:  On Hold

  • Reels which I have not yet priced are marked: $? or P.O.R. (Price On Request)

If you see reels you feel you need for your collection or want additional information, then please send me an email to the address below with all the following information below carefully shown:

  Your first and last name

  Your full email address so I can email you information

  Your home phone number and/or cell number so I can call you after business hours if necessary

  A list of each reel you wish to purchase or wish to discuss.  Each item must have the website's reel number (e.g., 1 thru 436) the maker (e.g., Heddon 4-15) name and model number so we will both know exactly what we are discussing.  Each item must be on a different line so it is easy for me to spot issues or answer questions. 

                         Tom Greene:

Regards and thank you for your interest.

Tom Greene

Lighthouse Point, Florida

Example email response the way it has to be done for me to respond to your request:

Your full name (not just 'Bill')
Your email address
Your contact phone number or cell
Reels I would like to purchase:
        4 BC Milam & Son, No 2,
       15 Meek & Milam, No 2, numbered screws
       19 GW Gayle & Son, No 3,
       40 BF Meek, No 3
       43 Meek & Milam, No 2, numbered screws

Tom Greene's personal collection 2019

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