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Tom Greene's personal collection 2014

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Note: these reels are, for the most part, in 'as found' condition.  Some have been cleaned by previous owners.  The photos speak for themselves. 

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Reel #       Description  
240 Talbot No. 33, Pat. '01, GS, sapphire bearings


Talbot No. 33,
241 Seamaster 'Tarpon', no numbers



John Emery, Miami, No. 097, fly reel



  John Emery, No. 097, fly reel
243 Talbot, W. H., Nevada, Mo., 'Meteor' reel, sn. 2274, GS


Talbot, 'Meteor' reel  
244 Fin-Nor, 'Wedding Cake', No. 3, sn. A 122, note the counter balanced handle


245 Rochester Reel Co., N.Y., # 60, '4 multiple', 'Quick-A-Part', Pat. 1910


Rochester Reel Co., N.Y., # 60
246 Fin-Nor, three tier 'Wedding Cake', No. 2, sn 437, marked 'Russell Preston', no counter balance


247 Edward vom Hofe, 'Black Bass', No. 1, sn. 736, Pat. '96, marked 'F. E. Ballard' on the front plate and on the leather case



Edward vom Hofe, 'Black Bass', No. 1  
248 Seamaster, 'Tarpon', no numbers



249 Edward vom Hofe, 570 'Wahoo', size 1-0, take apart,  sn. V302, Pat. '96



Edward vom Hofe, 570 ' Wahoo', size 1-0  

Model 570 was the Wahoo available in one size 1/0 but in two widths, 2 inch and 2. This was a completely new type of reel for the Vom Hofe company and this time they were copying other manufacturers. This was a “Take Apart” reel. The reels were in ebonite and German Silver. It also had the same features as the Long Key but additionally it had an oversized straight handle. (M. Duma)

250 Edward vom Hofe, 800, 'Long Key', size 2, sn. F266, no Pat. date


Edward vom Hofe, 800, 'Long Key', size 2, Edward vom Hofe, 800, 'Long Key', size 2  

Model 800 was the Long Key specially made for Bonefish and available in one size only size two with a width of 15/8 inch and a three to one multiplying capacity. It was fitted with Adjustable Automatic Tension Drag, sliding gear transmission and rim control. It also had a rim control free spool lever. (M. Duma)

251 Seamaster 'Marlin', no numbers


Seamaster, Inc began its history of quality fishing reels for discriminating anglers,  Invented, designed, and entirely hand-crafted, the Seamaster reel began at the hands of Bob McChristian, Jr, who pioneered and promoted light tackle angling in Florida, developing the distinctive S-handle reel that launched Seamaster.”   The first officially-named & recognized Seamaster reel was produced in 1955, and remained the same with minor improvements through the 1980s.

252 Fin-Nor 'Wedding Cake', No. 3, sn. A-735, marked 'W. A. Caperton III', no counter balance


253 Al Foss, No. 3-25, 'Easy Control', A 112, with wood arbor


Al Foss, No. 3-25, 'Easy Control' Al Foss, No. 3-25, 'Easy Control'
254 Fin-Nor 'Wedding Cake', No. 3, sn. 3-361, marked 'Bob Craske', no counter balance


255 Seamaster Mark III, marked 'Greg Scheigert', black face plate


256 Edward vom Hofe, 481, No. 1-0, Celebrated Stripped Bass and Tarpon reel, multiplying, sliding oil cap, S balanced handle, handle can be screwed off, Pat. '83


257 Edward vom Hofe, 423 'Restigouche', 6-0, Pat. '02, detent arrowhead pointer drag feature with seven red dot indicators, reel and leather case marked 'A.W.H.'  


Additional photos available on request


A. W. (Alfred William) Hoyt, an engineer and investor in the Federal Union Mining Company and author of "Over the Plains to Colorado" written in 1867. Hoyt owned a large estate on Long Island "Red Maples" and was married to General William Tecumseh Sherman's niece.

258 Edward vom Hofe, 'Black' Bass, No. 1, GS and Aluminum to reduce weight, Pat. '83


Edward vom Hofe, 'Black' Bass, No. 1  
259 Fin-Nor No. 3, 'Wedding Cake', sn. 3-374, marked for 'J.T. Gerhardt', no counter balance


Fin-Nor No. 3, 'wedding cake'
260 Seamaster,  no name, no numbers, black face plate, diameter 3 1/8", spool 1 1/4"


261 Edward vom Hofe (unmarked), bird cage reel, pat. '83


 bird cage reel, 
262 Seamaster Tarpon, half handle, marked 'J. Lepore'


263 Fin-Nor No. 3, three layer 'Wedding Cake', sn 3-92, no counter balance


264 Seamaster Salmon, no numbers


Tom Greene's personal antique reel collection 2014


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