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Note: these reels are, for the most part, in 'as found' condition.  Some have been cleaned by previous owners.  The photos speak for themselves. 

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Reel #       Description  

J. A. Cox, size 20-0, Big Game reel, 7 1/2" side plate, made by Bronson Reels, Marked 'Dr. J. S. Reid, Cleveland, Ohio / Standard Products Friends, 1942', in custom made leather case.


J. A. Cox, size 20, Big Game Reel

William L. Brown, Philadelphia, sn. No. 1, matched set of reels built in 1926



Fin-Nor, size 15-0, double handled Big Game reel




Kovalovsky, A., size 9-0, Big Game reel,  Pat. No. 1958919, Model No. 24 on foot, in original red bag by Kovalovsky




Kovalovsky, size 9-0, Big Game reel Fin-Nor, size 15-0, Big Game Reel 

Kovalovsky, A., size 9-0, Big Game reel, Pat. No. 1958919, 500 yds., #90 on foot


Kovalovsky, size 9-0, big game reel

J. A. Cox, face plate dia. 5", 3 3/4 spool diameter




Kovalovsky, A., size 14-0, Big Game reel, Pat. No. 1958919, 500 yrds., N0. 33 on foot, all Micarta side plates


Kovalovsky, size 14-0, Big Game reel  

Kovalovsky, A., Type C., Big Game reel, No. 34, face plate dia. 7 1/4 ", with orig. drawstring bag


Kovalovsky, type C, big game reel  

Edward vom Hofe, 732, size 16-0, Big Game reel, Pat. '02, face plate dia. 8 ", star drag, with orig. leather case


Edward vom Hofe, size 16-0, Big Game reel    

In 1934, the Edward vom Hofe model 721 was dropped and two new sizes (14/0 and 16/0) were added and designated the 732.  The 732 did not have a free spool throw off as all control was from the star drag.  (M. Duma)


Fin-Nor, Big Game reel, size 800 yrds., Pat. 2153923

(Not same as 176, note knob)


Fin-Nor, size 4-0, big game reel

Fin-Nor, size 4-0, early prototype, M 32, Pat. 220519-22555703, marked 'J. Rhodes Berdan, Toledo, Ohio'




Fin-Nor, Big Game reel, size 800 yrds., Pat. 2153923




Fin-Nor, size 4-0 or smaller, no Pat. date


Fin-Nor, size 4-0

Gar Wood Jr., Enterprises, Miami, proto type, first design, narrow spool, high retrieve, sailfish reel, rare


Gar Wood, Jr. proto type, sail fish reel  

Wassee Reel Co.,'C.C.B.C.' special issue, Garrett, Ind., "A" on foot, side mount reel




Wassee reel, labeled C.C.B.C. special issue  

Named after the state of Indiana, where it was first manufactured and popularized.  It would function as both a line dryer (for the silk and linen lines used at the time) and as a casting reel. The Indiana reel has been found in many shapes and sizes, but the basic design is that of a large diameter, single action reel with radial arms, which is side-mounted on a rod. It has been affectionately known as a line dryer reel, a Star reel, a Ferris reel and a true "Knucklebuster".  Having origins that date back to the 12th century, the Indiana style reel was perhaps the easiest to produce "at home", spawning unique designs and construction from fishermen looking to build a better and cheaper mousetrap. As a result, some of the most interesting Indiana style reels are "one of a kind" or "folk art" reels. (Side-mounted reels)


Winkleblade side mount reel


Winkleblade side mount reel

Meek/Talbot style reel, marked 'Jack 0' on back plate, unkn. maker, size 4, free spool, No. 1171 on foot




Hardy Bros, LTD, Alnwick, England, Big Game reel, 'The ALMA' reel, Pat. G.B. 231100. Can. 251344, app. for in Australia, N.Z. and USA, missing handle, with orig. leather case.

(Wanted: handle for this reel)




Hardy Bros, The Alma reel    

Produced in very limited numbers from 1925 to 1936, the Hardy Alma reel is the first two speed Big Game reel ever offered commercially, the brainchild of Charles Alma Baker. The first production model, offered in 1925 through the Hardy Catalogs, was made using ebonite side plates, as this rare 4 3/4" diameter reel has, later changing over to an all aluminum framed reel in the late 1920's. Numbers of these ebonite sided, 4 3/4" diameter reels, as reported in John Drewett's definitive book on early Hardy reels, Hardy Brothers were limited to just 17 reels, 11 produced in 1926 and only 6 made in 1927.  Features: "Capstan Star" drag, free spool, 1:1 or 2 1/2:1 retrieve ratios attained via the gear change lever mounted on the face plate, leather thumb brake and two optional click checks of differing strengths, operated by turn buttons on the tail plate providing a total of three variations of check. With two pinned crescent shaped plaques affixed to the tail plate, one with "The Alma Reel - Made by Hardy Bros Ltd - Alnwick, England"


Hardy Bros, reel 'The Silex Multiplier', in orig. box


Hardy Bros., The Silex Multiplier, reel  

Julius vom Hofe, 2-0, 'B Ocean', thumb drag, engraved on foot 'F. B. T.'




Julius vom Hofe, 4-0, 'B Ocean', number on foot B 802



A. F. Meisselbach, Co., 'Neptune', Pat. '1912'




Meek, No. 4, The Horton Reel Co., Bristol, Conn., jewel bearings, sn. 9557




F. vom Hofe & Son / Maker, GS, no number 2-300 yrds.  Note: this is the more rare 'F' for Friedrich vom Hofe, the father of Edward vom Hofe.


F. vom Hofe & Son, reel  

Unmarked brass reel like the F. vom Hofe above, but in brass


Tom Greene's personal antique reel collection 2019


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