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Note: these reels are, for the most part, in 'as found' condition.  Some have been cleaned by previous owners.  The photos speak for themselves. 

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Reel #       Description  

Thos. Chubb, 3rd version Henshall - Van Antwerp, Black Bass reel, sn. 699, multiplier, GS, steel gears, Pat. '83/87, c. 1895



Henshall-Van Antwerp reel Thos. Chubb, 3rd version Henshall - Van Antwerp, Black Bass reel,

Dr. James A. Henshall, along with Kentucky born Dr. William Van Antwerp designed a reel specifically for the Black Bass and turned production over to Thomas H. Chubb early in the 1880's. The later model Henshall Van Antwerp reels were made by Julius vom Hofe. 


Meek & Milam, Frankfort, Ky., No. 3, numbered screws, 3 dots on foot, counter weight, wide spool, brass



Meek & Milam reel No. 3   Meek & Milam, No. 3, numbered screws


Talbot Reel & Mfg. Co., marked 'L. Harris, Al Foss, Cleveland, 1914', No. 52, sn. 5393, date on foot, cork spacer, narrow spool, large jeweled bearing cap ,GS



Talbot, 1914, narrow spool Talbot Reel & Mfg. Co #52


J. F. & B. F. Meek, Frankfort, Ky.,  numbered screws, wide spool, heavy double 'S' handle, with counter balance weight. 



J. F. & B. F. Meek reel with numbered screws   J. F. & B. F. Meek, numbered screws

This is the 'Judge Mason Brown's reel'; same as the Pres. Grover Cleveland's reel in the Smithsonian Museum.  One of only two reels made.  Documented by book: 'Fishing Reel Makers of Ky.', a news paper article, and a letter from the family and owner or the reel, George Maddox.  Documents are in the possession of Tom Greene and will be included with the reel.  View the documents on Judge Mason Brown.


Meek & Milam, Frankfort, Ky., No. 2, numbered screws, marked 'H. N. Snyder'



Meek & Milam reel No. 2 Meek & Milam, No. 2, numbered screws


James Heddon & Sons, No. 40, #1 marked on foot, screw off back plate, GS



James Heddon and Sons reel No. 40 James Heddon and Sons, No. 40


Meek & Milam, Frankfort, Ky., No. 1, no serial number, no numbered screws, GS



Meek & Milam reel No. 1 Meek & Milam, No. 1


Thos H. Chubb, Henshall -Van Antwerp, number 418, marked 'J. W. Smith, Aug-90'



Henshall-Van Antwerp reel No. 418  


G. W. Gayle & Son, Frankfort, Ky., No.3, Hand Made, marked 'J. W. Feamster / Frankfort, Ky', very rare level-wind feature, c. 1900



G. W. Gayle & Son reel No. 3 G. W. Gayle & Son, No.3

George William Gayle was born in Kentucky and worked as an apprentice in his early years in the J.F. and B.F. Meek shop and later with B.C. Milam. The first Gayle reel was crafted in 1882. The earliest known and dated reel is a brass No.3 size that was made for a relative Lent Tanner dated 1884. In the mid 1890's, son Clarence Gayle was making two styles of casting reels. One was the traditional Kentucky style or Frankfort reel. Clarence made reels from brass, German silver and hard rubber. He would later make some out of aluminum.  Reels were made in sizes ranging from the No.1 size for women and children to the larger No. 10 designed for tarpon and other large saltwater fish. (Gayle website)


B. C. Milam, Frankfort, Ky., No. 2, sn. 5568, GS, wide spool



B. C. Milam, No. 2   B. C. Milam, No. 2,


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Tom Greene's personal antique reel collection 2019



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