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American Big Game Reel Manufacturers

Of interest to Tom Greene


  1. B&M, Santa Monica, California
  2. Banister, Bryant, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  3. Bronson-Coxe Co., Bronson, Michigan
  4. Burke
  5. Carr, M.B.
  6. Coxe, Joseph A., Los Angeles, California
  7. Crawford, Hawaii
  8. Endicott-Wilson Corp, Detroit, Michigan
  9. Fin-Nor, Miami, Florida
  10. Garey, George W., California
  11. Hardigan, J.J.
  12. Hoesell Reel, Hallen Co., New York
  13. Klein, C.R., Santa Monica, California
  14. Kovalovsky, Arthur, Hollywood, California
  15. Lee's, Miami, Florida
  16. Marr, Walter D., Flint, Michigan
  17. Martina, Joseph, Hillside, New Jersey
  18. Ocean City Co., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  19. Ohio Tool Co., Cleveland, Ohio
  20. Penn Fishing Tackle Mfg. Co., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  21. Reel King by SOMACO, Greer, South Carolina
  22. Schauffler Reel, Kohlhepp & Kimsey, New Jersey
  23. Shakespeare Co., William, Kalamazoo, Michigan
  24. Stead, A.J., Los Angeles, California
  25. Stevens, George, Miami, Florida
  26. Vom Hofe, Edward, New York, New York
  27. Vom Hofe, Julius, New York, New York
  28. Zwarg, Otto, St. Petersburg, Florida

(Please note: I do not wish to buy reels by Pflueger, Penn, Ocean City, South Bend, Shakespeare, Abu-Garcia, or other post WW-II makers.)

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