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Talbot 'Ben Hur' fly reel

Talbot Reels in approximate order introduced

  • Earliest models were numbered with single digits: #2, #5, etc. and marked "W. H. Talbot, Nevada, Mo."

  • Later the marking was changed to "W.H. Talbot Co., Nevada, Mo."

  • Next came the "William H. Talbot Reel Company, Nevada, Mo."

  • Then the "Talbot Reel & Manufacturing Company, Kansas City, Mo."

  • Reels were marked Premier #3, etc.

  • Reels were later marked with double digits "model 21", 23, 43, etc.

  • The last reels used names like: Ely, Comet, Star, Meteor, Mars, Club, Niangua.

  • Talbot also made contract reels for dealers like Schmelzer, Vim, VLA, and Simmons Hardware companies with other names like Tomahawk, Whitebear, and Lotus.


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